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Technical Woes


Technical Woes

So it appears a few people are still having problems with checkout. If you go straight to as opposed to buying through our shop hopefully you will have more luck. One million apologies for the ball-ache, several interns here at Hungry Towers are being severely punished.

Conor Harrington- Belfast 2012


So Conor, what is Hungryboy Books?

It’s a collection of zines documenting my painting trips. I’ve been dreaming about it for years but it takes me ages to get around to things so here we are with issue 1.

Tell us about issue 1

Issue 1 is about my trip to Belfast last year, the murals I painted and the photos I took, plus an interview with my old buddy JJ in Japan.

Anything else?

Its 64 colour pages on 300gsm paper in an edition of 500.

Any bonus features for us?

The first 50 have a limited edition screen print included.

How often can we expect these zines?

Regular-ish but I can’t be trusted to keep that promise

Where can we buy one?

Here from 4pm Thursday 5th September.

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